Smoke Detector Repairs



A smoke detector saves life as it is an indicator of fire which generally issues a local audible or visual alarm in case fire breaks out. Detectors like this are called ionization smoke detectors.  When a fire breaks out, smoke particles get into the detector and start to clog up the ionization chamber and attach themselves to the ions and effectively shut off the electric current. The circuit in the detector spots that change straight away and sounds the alarm.  

Smoke Detector Cleaning in Mumbai


What will happen if this ionization chamber doesn’t work? What if alarm horn gets jammed? No one would like to invite such kind of a trouble as you would call us because we provide Smoke Detector Cleaning in Mumbai. We will ensure that the detectors are working in full capacity after all these smoke detectors are life saviour in case otherwise happens. So why invite a trouble of having a possibility of a failed smoke detector. Just call us and we will ensure that the smoke detector never stops functioning.


Your safety is the utmost important and for that you need us as precaution is always better than cure because we do Smoke DetectoSmoke Detector Cleaning in Mumbai, Smoke Detector Dealer in Mumbai.r Cleaning in Mumbai